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The Legend

Abandon all hope, ye who enter...

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth... These are some of the deadly sins, of which every human is guilty of committing. But, how deadly are they?

These capital vices were originally identified by the “desert fathers” around the third century AD in the deserts of Egypt. Soon after, they made their way into Europe, where they would become a fundamental part of the Roman Catholic Church’s confessional practices. Since their conception, Christianity has preached against these sins, which are said to be the gateway to pure evil. Those who stray from the righteous path, who indulge in evil, are sure to meet their well-deserved fate… in Inferno. Despite such a terrifying outcome, not all are strong enough to reject their deepest, most alluring desires.

Many tales have been told and retold of the depths of Inferno, all of which follow the poor souls who could not quite satisfy the bottomless appetites of their worst inner demons. Among them, the most well-known is likely Dante’s Inferno. This terrifying tale, written in 1472, follows Dante as he explores the depths of inferno. Denied from Heaven, Dante is guided by the ancient poet Virgil through the many circles of Inferno. Virgil’s purpose in doing this is for Dante to recognize, and in turn, reject sin, so that he may later be accepted into the gates of Heaven.

Dante encounters all deadly sins in each circle of Inferno. As he delves deeper into Inferno, the sins and their punishments that he witnesses become more and more gruesome and extreme. Suffocating snake pits, permanent body deformations, flaming coffins trapped in fiery furnaces, boiling rivers of blood and tar, and soul- devouring demons were among the many punishments that the souls of the dead sinners were eternally condemned to.

Jacksonville’s Fear Zone will take you through a modern-day Inferno, filled with the rotting souls of those who could not suppress their deadliest desires. Get ready to see through the eyes of Dante and experience first-hand the creeping, and often jolting, feeling of pure fear throughout your entire being. Witness with your own eyes the potential consequences of your own sinful actions… and be ready to run screaming.

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